Future model Alex Gray gets cash to fuck photographer POV

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I’m naked in front of that photographer, I have to pose and open up to everything, he doesn’t know it, yet I’m starting to get wet. I am a professional who knows what he has to do, but there is something that attracts me and it is difficult for me not to get ahead of myself, I manage to stay in my place, although I think he has realized it. And there I am, with my breasts exposed that I try to cover, it is not out of shame, it is that the nipples give me away. Luckily he tells me that he is feeling the same, even he comes to offer me money. Wow, I think I have soaked my underwear for the offer and without wasting time I cling between his legs. Please tell me you want to penetrate me I think, and as if it were transmission of thought he asked me to put myself in four, and wow …